Windows Are Key to Energy Efficiency

Both SRP and APS recognize that windows are the number-one source of heat gain in the summer,
responsible for as much as 48% of the cooling costs of your home. The most effective way of preventing
this heat gain is by shading the sun before it heats the glass. Interior
blinds, drapes, and window film all block the sun after they have heat_gain_image
penetrated and heated the window glass, so the heat is free to radiate
into the home. Exterior solar screens can block up to 90% of the sun's
energy before it heats your windows, dramatically reducing the heat in
your home and the load on your air conditioner. Plus, solar screens
don't block the view and they let indirect light in to illuminate your

The Benefits of Solar Screens

● Reduce your cooling costs
● Give a custom look to your home
● Increase daytime privacy (with excellent outward visibility!)
● Protect your furniture, carpet, and blinds from fading and UV damage
● Dramatically increase the comfort level in your homephifer_suntex_image

Highest Quality at Low Prices!

The strongest, most durable, most effective solar screen on the market today is Phifer Suntex.
Mounted on a sturdy aluminum frame it is the highest quality window screen available today.
Get this quality installed on your home for a price that is extremely fair and reasonable.

Three Different Installation Styles to Choose From

Solar screens can be installed onto houses in many different ways. We have compiled a set of pictures below to illustrate what each style looks like once they are installed. This should give you a better idea of which style to choose for installation onto your home.

                            No Screens                                                                  Solar Screens

no_screens_image           no_center_bar_image

center_bar_image           grid_image

             Solar Screens w/ Center Bar                                     Solar Screens w/ Colonial Grid


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